>> Summer 2019 registration is now almost full, totally full on some days! Please do feel that you can sign on to a waiting list – if people signed up don’t come in the first week, their later places will be re-allocated. We have had over 600 registrations, so of you receive a confirmation sheet and have decided not to come to something you signed up for, *please* let us know, 07990645948 then someone else can have the place. Register here <<


During the school holidays, we try and offer some activity which includes learning, play and lunch. Again, we’re very grateful to have had some generous funding from the Greggs Foundation. Our holiday club activities are designed for over 4s, though we understand smaller siblings might need to come too (our playgroup Bertie’s continues on Tuesday mornings throughout the summer for the younger children).

Can you help? If you have any spare hours to volunteer, you will be made VERY welcome if you can join us! Please get in touch as below.

Registration happens like this:

  1. Browse session details below
  2. Decide what you’d like to join
  3. Click here to make a booking. If we have to restrict places or are already full, we will let you know
  4. Share with your friends so they can sign up too!
  5. Come and have a GREAT TIME!

If you are interested in knowing more or registering for one or more days – attendance is generally free, but donations are welcome to cover costs – then please message us on Facebook, email stcuthbertcleadonpark@gmail.com or text 07990 645 948.

Mon July 29th 10-12 Under the Sea
Tues July 30th 10-12 Mixed Sports (5+)
Weds July 31st 10-12 Earth & Nature (full)

Mon Aug 5th 10-12 Space & Stars (full)
Tues Aug 6th 10-12 Mixed Sports (5+)
Weds Aug 7th 10-12 On Safari (full)

Mon Aug 12th 10-12 Travel
Tues Aug 13th 10-12 Mixed Sports (5+)

Mon Aug 19th 10-12 Art & Artists (full)
Tues Aug 20th 10-12 Mixed Sports (5+)
Weds Aug 21st 10-12 Knights & Castles




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