Everyone is welcome here. This church is committed to the welcome and inclusion of all.


Priest in Charge: Revd Kate Boardman

Kate is an avid baker, coffee drinker, singer, and a bit of a geek. She cares passionately that the church is welcoming, hospitable and generous. You can contact Kate by email: revkateboardman@gmail.com

stan2Associate Minister: Revd Stan Buyers

Stan is supposed to be taking it easy in retirement, but he still helps out regularly, and often takes baptism services, when you get to see his impressive collection of lapel pins!

anneChurch Warden: Anne Blair Vincent

Churchwarden(s) help the parish priest run the church, usually being the first port of call for ‘building’-oriented things. In our case, Anne, recently retired back to the north-east, is often the first face you might meet when coming to a service, usually surrounded by the aroma of the coffee she might welcome you with!

barbaraTreasurer: Barbara Matheson

Barbara has the important responsibility of collecting our giving and paying the bills. But she also has a key role in our holiday provision, where she heads up the food team. There’d be no lunches without her 🙂

billAdmin & Worship Leader: Bill Vincent

Bill is part Operations Manager, part Worship Leader, doing everything from photocopying to hoovering to welcoming baptism families to leading the band (often to the pub). He also is our quizmaster extraordinaire.

gemmaBertie’s: Lorraine Hickson, Liza Dorothy, Gemma Slater (pictured), Joy Henson and more.

Bertie’s is our parent-led babies and toddlers group, which meets on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. All are welcome. Gemma also helps out with the admin for our Holiday Club.

whatsapp image 2019-01-04 at 16.09.53Hall Hire: Liza Dorothy

Liza co-ordinates the use of our well-appointed church & community hall for events and parties. She is also the first point of contact for queries about joining any of our guiding organisations. See ‘Church Hall’ for more info or email stcuthbertcleadonpark@gmail.com

ianSacristan: Ian Matheson

Ian sets up for our services, keeping everything ship-shape, lighting candles, etc. For years he has done a grand job of maintaining and fixing while being warden, and still helps out where he can.

di picSafeguarding Lead: Diane Lee

Diane is a leader in the Beavers, and part of our social events committee. But perhaps most importantly, she oversees that all safeguards are in place for children and vulnerable adults in this community, and with the parish priest coordinates any safeguarding concern enquiries. You can read more info about safeguarding and Diane can be contacted on 07703 275025